EMS Male Enlargement System + Plus a FREE 4/5 Penis Size Extender

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EMS – Enlarge Male System + FREE 4/5 Extenter

EMS is a powerful natural penis enlargement system consisting of:


EMS Capsules

If your sex life isn’t what it used to be, EMS Male Enhancement Capsules will help you maximize your erection potential and provide you with the peak enhancement both you and your partner deserve. EMS Capsules contain nothing but natural ingredients. In combination, the ingredients collectively work towards increasing penis size and aiding sexual fulfilment. The product assists with stronger harder erections and supercharges your sex drive.

EMS Massage Oil

The EMS Massage Oil is a lubricant which contains a herbal blend that increases blood flow and generates heat which in turns helps with blood circulation and is VITAL to proper penile enlargement.

Enlargement Techniques

Our EMS Exercise Techniques are an actual Ancient Sudanese Arab method, once passed down from father to son for centuries as a family secret! Over the course of several months, the blood spaces in their penis became quite enormous due to the continual enlarging and lengthening. These Arabs have also been noted in the World Record Books as having some of the largest penises in the known world, reaching over 18” in length!


THE 4/5 Extender (worth R360 on its own)

We are proud to introduce to you, our exciting newest release… The revolutionary 4\5 Extender!

The 4\5 Extender is a custom molded lightweight plastic device that has been designed and engineered to progressively enlarge and elongate any penis to its maximum potential.



The mechanism of the device is based on the principle of traction, a method which stimulates the human body’s natural reaction to the application of physical force. Tissue cells react by multiplying and tissue gradually expands, both in length and width, a principle utilized by various indigenous tribes for multiple doubling of the size of earlobes and lips.

Penis growth is based on the simple principle of positive tension. By safely and continuously stretching the various anatomical parts of the Penis with proper instructed use, increased length and thickness of the penis is guaranteed!



Just as with physical exercise for bodybuilders, the key is persistence. You need to use the device for an extended period of time (several months at a minimum) to get the most gains. Some users have reported an increase over time of more than 5 cm.